Anima Franklin Templeton Multi Credit Fund / Launch

Social media communication

There’s a new-born Fund in the landscape of Asset Management – Anima Franklin Templeton Multicredit, a fund born from the collaboration of two excellences in the financial world. For the new Anima product we drew inspiration from the company logo, a pictogram that looks like a cosmos. We wanted to amplify the idea by placing the Fund in a new “space – time” dimension: the cosmos is made up of the laws of gravity, precise formulae, infinite panoramas and a perfect balance of forces. It is here that the new Fund explores new solutions, in a new dimension made up of a specific vital energy: experience!


  • ClientLegg Mason Franklin Templeton
  • IndustryFinance
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A universe populated by investments.
The communication campaign.

The campaign aims at consumers but with an eye to industry experts. The key concept was replicated according to a multi-format approach: a video hero, some short cuts, carousels and images, all contents mainly planned on LinkedIn and Google. A series of coordinated formats that leverage the concept of “investment universe” in which the new Fund exploits gravitational forces, orientates itself, observes the landscape, adapts the changes in space, moves in perfect balance with respect to the variables of the cosmos and finds a perfect place with a completely innovative approach and vision.

Creative Strategy

Creative Direction
Competition Analysis
Strategic drivers


Key visuals
Graphic Design
Motion graphic


Video hero
Social media formats

A fund that stands out within the landscape of asset management.

A solution that can provide vital energy made up of experience and innovation.

A universe whose gravitational force attracts a flow of income and capital growth.

LI & Goog Contents

Images and carousels perfectly conjure up the style of the video inviting the public to learn more about the topics connected to the investment fund. The theme of the universe linked to the multiple possibilities offered by Asset management is once again very versatile and easy to understand.

The emotional Video hero.

In addition to to the images and carousels, the Linkedin campaign also features an emotional video with a more engaging approach. We explain all the pros of the products and its distinctive traits in an involving dynamic way. The idea of gravitational force that accompanies, orientates, moves and coordinates within space became an excellent metaphor to showcase the Fund’s deepest dynamics.

The video hero

Motion graphic animation.





Account executive


Art & Motion graphic designer