Disaronno / The innovation Journey

Multi episode branded content.

The challenge was in creating a multi-episode format to narrate the innovative yet versatile soul of the well-known Italian liqueur Disaronno through its unmistakable identity worldwide. We came up with The Mixing Star Innovation Journey, branded video content aimed at providing an original and inspirational showcase to the next generation of mixologists around the world through passion, determination and creativity. A format we developed combining our love for storytelling with the power of photography, capturing three sides of the story at the same time: the life experiences of the main protagonists, the location where the cocktail culture is growing and the kaleidoscopic nature of Disaronno. Our main focus has been centered on taking a human picture of different cities such asMilan, London, Barcelona, Athens, Edinburgh, New York, Tokyo, Taipei and Shanghai, in both an iconic and emotional way. The result: a series of engaging and breath-taking episodes focused on the beauty of cultural diversity with the original touch of a liqueur that is loved all over the world.

  • ClientIllva Saronno
  • IndustryBeverage / Spirits
  • ServicesMulti episode branded content 360 package
Up to 10.000km away!

We found ourselves thrown into a world where anything is possible, controlled by different rules. It was very exciting to learn how to organize a production so far from Milan step by step. For the Disaronno Journey, we have planned 12 city stops!

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