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Creating a video campaign capable of showing the different faces of Pagine Gialle’s new app, in an engaging way.

EXPERIENCE: #amusing

For Italy, Pagine Gialle has always been a friend, ready to help you and solve your problems and answer to your needs. Today, in the digital era, Pagine Gialle has become even faster and more powerful, thanks to its new app that can help everyone, in a blink of an eye! Our idea has been to create and film a multi-subject video campaign that would narrate, in an ironic and funny way, different slices of life: an unlucky fisherman, a stressed young girl who is moving in a new house and a boy with an unmanageable beard; all three struggling with a problem. How do they solve it? Easy! Just with a single tap…and “life is more beautiful”.

The Fisherman Subject

The Removal Subject

The Barber Subject 

Pagine Gialle App

The Fisherman

Pagine Gialle App

The Barber

Pagine Gialle App

The Removal

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