Panini. Tv Commercials

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opening a visionary window on the incredible world of Panini’s albums with the same capacity of the brand to enthusiasm its small customers.

EXPERIENCE: #fantastic

We love Panini and we are proud to work with this incredible, wonderful brand. A project that has brought us to an international level and which has allowed us to give voice to our experience in the creation of tv commercial with a worldwide planning. These tv spots brings to life all the fantasy and the energy of the Panini stickers and cards, which are incredible appreciated all over the world for their joyful and colorful variety. To make these television spots as bright as its brand, we went back to being children and we’ve imagined collecting them all! So we realized video contributions made in graphics, through the motion of element, backgrounds, drawings and characters. This is the world we always want to live in to create and have fun!

Panini Editore Tv Commercials 20'' - 15'' - 10''

Quick all in one dedicated show reel

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