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It’s a bit like having a rock soul, an elegant person and a typical eccentric personality sit at the same table. This is how “Share the counter” was born, from the will to have the three Illva Saronno star brands, all boasting opposite characteristics, coexist within a single digital process.The idea is based on the concept of ecosystem, a place where all the elements that inhabit it coexist in a balanced, harmonious manner. So, what is the most suitable ecosystem for the 3 liqueur brands with such diverse personalities? A bar counter! This is where the brands meet, share moments, experiences, news, cocktails… This is where theBrands can be appreciated by both Consumers and Bartenders.Let’s find out how!

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A portfolio that can be extended infinitely!
A never - ending counter...

“Share the counter” is born with 3 Brands – Disaronno, Tia Maria and The Busker -but it was created to welcome a countless number of new guests and become a smart solution for an extendible portfolio. Each counter portion takes on the identity of the Brand and each accessory and graphic element is studied asa sequel of the nearby Brand. A great family where each component has its distinct character yet where all members are perfectly in sync with one another.

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The Busker’s counter part presents its own special content:“Unboxing”

Some of the TOP bartenders sit at the counter for Disaronno in a comparison of the secrets of international mixology.

Tia Maria welcomes “Guess the cocktail. Guess the city”. 

Just saying, to each their own!


Bold, wild, adventurous-this is The Busker, an Irish Whiskey whose Brand image plays all around the “cargo concept”. The Busker comes packed into wooden pallet boxes and is born to travel the world and explore every single unexpected corner of this planet! So, as many of you already know, Unboxing is a quite famous trend launched by Youtubers a while ago, a process in which you receive a package and open it, revealing its unknown content… thanks to this trend. many important Brands have obtained great results in terms of reach and numbers in general. In the same way, the Busker cargo boxes left Ireland to reach the most important bar counters of the world, surprising some of the top whiskey experts who met The Busker for the first time in their lives. Our boxes covered so many kilometers visiting Dublin, London, Tokyo and NY


The series was born from the idea of bringing together some of the most famous bartenders worldwide, comparing them through a double interview. A list of questions-some professional and others more personal-were asked to investigate their lives by a food and beverage influencer brought in as an interviewer. The result was highly intriguing, because it gave the audience the chance to get to know their beloved talents and, through different topics, directly compare their personalities that turned out to be always iconic and characteristic. Influencers and talents were chosen across the international scene.


Each cocktail is a blend of experience, research, ability and… culture. Last but not at all least, ingredients, which we can actually claim to be like a beautiful topping! The idea comes from the key concept that every single product coming from this or that place brings part of the place from where it originated with it, and the same happens with cocktails. So, let’s have a look at that (yes, that!) cocktail and let’s guess the city! We are quite sure you’ll guess ;).



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Special contents for special events.

We had to pull an all-nighter to make this, but it was worth it in the end! Each important event can become even greater if properly told, and Share the Counter is the right place for this to happen. We created tailor-made contents especially for the Disaronno and Tia Maria section aimed at documenting each single important Brand occasion throughout the year and around the world. This is how the platform welcome dedicated content to announce and narrate the special moments of the World and Asia50 Best Bars events sponsored by the two Brands that are part of the portfolio.