Disaronno / Ready to Drink cocktails

Product branding.

Have you ever heard of “RTD” cocktails? They are “Ready to Drink” cocktails, ready to be opened and enjoyed wherever you are!RTD sales have increased considerably over the past few years, making this new interpretation of cocktail consumption literally explode. Among the many options of cans available, we work for Disaronno on the Brand Image and communication kit of the Disaronno Sour, Mule and Fizz range: 3 cocktails with a colorful original packaging perfect for the young consumer public. Are you ready?

  • ClientIllva Saronno
  • IndustryBeverage / Spirits
  • ServicesProduct Brand Identity, Communication Tool Kit, Packaging, Social media contents, Video animations
Are you ready to drink?
Of course! And we cannot wait for you to tell us that these cans keep their promises.

The launch of DSO ready to drink focuses on the originality of the product that, being the child of a Brand that has always made originality one of its strong points, promises a truly excellent content. If the question is “will they be just as those made in bars?” you can rest easy, as these Ready cocktails will surprise you! If you’re used to imagining a classic glass with ice cubes and perfectly garnished to welcome a mix skilfully prepared by a bartender, the time has come to review your stereotypes: we have imagined quite the opposite for Disaronno RTD 🙂

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Ready to Drink. Ready to be Enjoyed.

Patterns as a distinctive creative trait.

The iconic Disaronno shape becomes a pattern of ingredients and consumption.

Freedom is the key word that well fits the Brand’s RTD. Perfectly mixed drinks, always fresh down to the last drop, easy to serve and young. The iconic Disaronno shape manifests itself through illustrated patterns that recommend the recipe and the perfect moment to enjoy each cocktails: Fizz for brunch, Sour as an aperitif, Mule after dinner.



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And if the question is...

Are they just like the original cocktails?

The range uses various fluorescent colors with an eye to the “urban” world, where “RTD”products are mostly consumed. The IG launch campaign aims at immediately transferring the role of the new ready to drink products and it is in this way that an original Disaronno drink (Mule, Sour, Fizz) is sucked as if by a magnet, pouring its content into a can. Drinking from a can is exactly like enjoying an original drink.

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