Energia Minerals. The Mine.

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Unveiling, hand in hand, with an Australia mining leader as Energia Minerals Limited, the hidden beauty of Italy, through a video that digs deep into the story. 


For this project we went beyond every limit of imagination. Thanks to Energia Minerals Limited we’ve told an Italian story, which was born in the Bergamo valleys, in particular in the depths of the Gorno’s mines. This mining site, existing since the ancient Rome, has been inactive for decades despite the presence of a primary resource for this area: zinc. With a touching tone, we have given voice to an extraordinary adventure: a rediscovery project started by a brilliant Italian geologist transformed into a bold enterprise by the Perth located company Energy Minerals Limited, aimed to requalify and make tunnels secure for the reactivation of zinc extraction in Italy. 

A story that touched our hearts and gave us the opportunity to dig into the precious land of communication and storytelling 

The video realized by our agency, THE MINE, is available on Vimeo both in a 4’30’’ and 13’30’’ cut. 

Energia Minerals

The Mine

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