Panini Disney / Scrooge McDuck's Money Bin

TV Commercial

Have you ever heard of the Money Bin of the richest Duck in the world? And about his mythical pile of gold? And… About his anti-Beagle traps? The TVC invites us to play and literally makes us enter into the gadget of Topolino’s 2021 edition-the mythical Money Bin! Starting from the first floor and up to the roof, we illustrate the playability of this special gadget that actually looks like a toy. Topolino amazes us once again! 20” of pure fun that does not leave out one single detail from the mythical Panini-Disney game.

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Are you ready to enter the home of the richest Duck in the world? 😎
Then come with us!

Created for the main KIDS channels (Mediaset, Sky, RAI), the TVC was born from the idea of involving the young public right from the start making it the protagonist of a unique and different experience. The TV commercial invites children to “enter” Scrooge McDuck’sMoney Bin and discover, in just 20”, all the details of the game: from the mythical limousine to the Beagle banisher to the pile of money equipped with trampoline and the money cannon on the roof of the building. A game that offers many possibilities of interaction and stories to invent.

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3 floors to play… in 20”.

A digital content too!

The most famous building in Duckburg arrives online in the 10” cut version!

The TVC also works online on Instagram and Facebook as well as on all Topolino Magazine official channels inviting the community to learn more about the various pieces that makeup the mythical Scrooge McDuck money bin.



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Talking about illustrations...

Do you know what an onomatopoeia is?

Thanks to this TV Commercial, we totally immerse ourselves in the world of comics finding curious codes typical of this fascinating world. For example, we discover what an onomatopoeia is as we realize that each symbol, each exclamation has a precise meaning. A vocabulary from a world unto itself that only the world of comics knows!