Disaronno / Velvet launch


The Disaronno brand character is so unique and distinctive that every “new nuance” must be treated with extreme elegance and personality. This is where Disaronno Velvet stems from – the big news for summer 2020 and a unique tasting experience to be enjoyed over ice. A new product, perfect for those who love creams with an intense aroma, and incredibly smooth, Disaronno Velvet masterfully and harmoniously mixes the distinctive imprinting of classic Disaronno. The advertising campaign aims to reflect the gentle, fresh and harmonious notes of the product.

  • ClientIllva Saronno
  • IndustryBeverage / Spirits
  • ServicesAdv Campaign
Smooth, fresh, exclusive.

An incredibly long dress releases “smooth waves of Velvet” that embrace the product. An extremely romantic context where the model represents the dynamic element of the scene: she bursts onto the picture on an ethereal swing.We wanted to create something precious: all the values of the Brand had to dance within the key visual to the rhythm of smooth notes. The idea wants to combine two main concepts: “lightness” and “premiumness”. The swing represents the vitality of the new Disaronno Velvet that bursts onto the scene with its unmistakable Italian character. The soft billowy maxi-dress evokes the elegant and smooth taste, and the ethereal atmosphere takes us to Italy.

Creative Strategy

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Creative strategy
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Key visual study

Production development

Final image

The longest and the creamiest dress ever.

So said Walt Disney, and we truly believe in the meaning of this phrase!

``If you can dream it, you can do it!``

Achieving the desired result was not easy: how to make those waves soft, true, velvety? A soft tissue had to become almost liquid! The best solution was to merge photographic shots and 3D computer graphics, An ambitious set-up developed thanks to the collaboration of the Photographer Davide Bellocchio.



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And what about online?

The campaign was planned mainly for the social media pages.

Given the dynamism of the images and the iconic overall meaning, the layout was perfect for social media, combining single images and cinemagraphs. The long creamy dress comes to life and envelops the product in a realistic way.

In store and Outdoor declinations